<b>ANNOUNCEMENT:</b> YEMA renews official partnership with French Air Force

ANNOUNCEMENT: YEMA renews official partnership with French Air Force

April 10, 2020

Since its inception, YEMA has reached long-standing partnerships with renowned scientific and military bodies like France's Space Agency and France's Air Force by equipping national astronauts, fighter pilots and rescue divers with military-grade watches designed and built to military personnel specifications.


Des Rafale en patrouille serrés au-dessus du continent africain lors d_un convoyage entre Dakar et la BA 125 d_Istres

©Anthony JEULAND / Armée de l'Air / Défense


The historic collaboration between France's Air Force and YEMA started in the early 1970s through the design of one of the first Superman models to equip a special operations elite team of rescue divers. 


Exercice multinational Croix du sud en Nouvelle-Calédonie

©Anthony JEULAND / Armée de l'Air / Défense


The most recent collaboration dates from 2017 through which a Superman model was made  exclusively available to French Air Force fighter pilots and personnel.


2017 YEMA Superman French Air Force 


With this new partnership, France's Air Force envisions an all-round, reliable and perfectly readable tool watch to equip all their staff, from fighter pilots to ground personnel such as technicians and mechanics.

The Superman model is considered by both France's Air Force and YEMA as the ultimate all-round tool watch that meets the specific requirements of air and ground personnel, namely high precision, resistance and reliability as well as extreme legibility at all times.

In this context, two distinct Superman models are proposed jointly with France's Air Force, whom Senior Staff have actively participated in the design, prototyping and testing phases of the project. 


© Anthony JEULAND / Armée de l'Air / Défense


After two years of close collaboration, France's Air Force and YEMA are proud to officially announce this partnership and will soon unveil two new models that will be made available both in automatic and quartz:




To thank and honor all those who served honorably in the French Air Force military, a portion of the sales will be donated to the official French Veterans Foundation (FOSA).




YEMA's signature #TimeofHeroes dates from 1970. It reflects the history and values of the brand and what it stands for. It tells the adventures of remarkable sportsmen and explorers who have achieved the extraordinary under the most extreme conditions, with a YEMA watch on their wrists. YEMA was the first French watch sent into space. the first French diving watch going under 300m, first French watch on a North Pole pedestrian trek and the official watch of France's Air Force pilots and renown transatlantic sailing champions.









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