YEMA's signature #TimeofHeroes dates from 1970. It reflects the history and values of the brand and what it stands for. It tells the adventures of remarkable sportsmen and explorers who have achieved the extraordinary under the most extreme conditions, with a YEMA watch on their wrists. YEMA was the first French watch sent into space. the first French diving watch going under 300m, first French watch on a North Pole pedestrian trek and the official watch of France's Air Force One pilots and renown transatlantic sailing champions.


Professional yachtsman

Michel Desjoyeaux is a French solo sailor.
With more than 25 victories to his credit, he is is one of the most successful solo sailors worldwide and the only one to have achieved a double victory on the Vendée-Globe (2000-2001, 2008-2009), the Route du Rhum (2002), the British Transat (2004) and a triple victory on the Solitaire du Figaro (1992, 1998, 2007).
Michel Desjoyeaux is YEMA's Ambassador. He recently pushed the new Yema Yachtingraf Croisiere to its limits during the Seychelles Regatta 2018.

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Hugues Vitry is a world-renowned diver and marine conservation activist. He is a fervent defender of nature and leads expeditions to study and preserve marine life in the Indian Ocean. Passionate about diving since his childhood, in 1987 Hugues opened one of the first diving centers on the small island he comes from, Mauritius. He is also the founder of the association Marine Mega fauna Conservation Organization (M2CO) which studies the population of resident sperm whales in the Indian Ocean.

Hugues, a diving watch enthusiast, is currently traveling with a Superman Heritage Bronze.

Justine & Thibault Rauby 

Instructors and professional divers

Justine & Thibault are both professional scuba diving instructors (DEJEPS) and scuba divers (2 and 3 B licenses) and created KRAKEN Diving in 2016, a diving center based in the south of France.

Justine is a daughter of sailors and divers. Her father had a Yema Navygraf and it is aboard the family dive cruiser that she discovered the marine universe. She now proudly owns a Yema Superman Heritage in 39mm. Thibault is a marine biologist, a diving instructor and an expert in deep diving. He wears a Heritage Navygraf.

Justine & Thibault are also underwater camera operator assistants and participate and create various documentaries and cinema movies.



Mario Andretti is a racing icon, considered by many to be the greatest race car driver in the history of the sport. He was born in Italy and didn't emigrate to the United States until age fifteen. At 19, he began racing stock cars in Pennsylvania and that was the start of an illustrious career that saw the versatile driver compete and win in every discipline he entered – midgets, sprint cars, dirt track cars, stock cars, IndyCars, Formula One, Formula 5000 and sports cars.

His achievements became legendary: The world watched as he won the Daytona 500, the Indianapolis 500 and ultimately the Formula One World Championship, an unprecedented trifecta. No other race car driver has ever won all three titles. Mario took the checkered flag 111 times during his career – a career that stretched five decades and across six continents.

Today he is a successful businessman off the track, serving as spokesman, associate and friend to top executives around the world. 

Sammy Mason

young American pilot

Sammy Mason is a young American pilot. At only 25, Sammy Mason, with over 3200 hours driving over 60 different aircraft, is the youngest pilot in history to ever participate in the Air Bull Air Race competition.

Sammy Mason took his first flight as a 3 day old baby on a Piper Cub piloted by his mother. His passion comes not only from his parents but also his grandfather. His parents, Pete and Rowena Mason, are both pilots who run a vintage restoration business and his mother is also a manager at the Santa Paula Airport, where he lives in a hangar apartment. His grandfather was a pioneering Lockheed test pilot, a renowned airshow performer and the instructor of the actor Steve Mcqueen.

At age 19, Sammy became the youngest member of the US National Advanced Aerobatic Team and earned his first Advanced title at the West Coast Championships. He was also invited to perform at EAA AirVenture in Oshkosh as one of the youngest airshow performers. Sammy Mason won over 12 awards, but he does not intend to stop there! He trains fiercely for his next competitions with a Yema Flygraf on his wrist. 


Explorer / Professional Photographer

David Templier is a nature lover. He has a great sensitivity to cold weather and has always been fascinated by "the North". He explores the lands of Iceland and Greenland several times a year. Nature being the main subject of David Templier's photographs, few men appear on his pictures, only traces of his works.

"I want to show that nature was there before us, and that the elements are stronger than us. We humans are only passing through but we have a very real and harmful impact on the planet". A watch enthusiast, David Templier is currently traveling with a Superman Heritage to test the timepiece under the toughest conditions.

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Professional Car Racing Driver

Like many car racing drivers, Pierre Sancinena made his karting debut and then quickly obtained a scholarship from the French Federation of Motor Sport to participate in the single-seater car championship in 2010. Then in 2011, Pierre ends in the 3rd place of the France Championship and finally becomes Junior Champion in 2015 in the GT category.

In 2018, he has the privilege to participate in the new Alpine Europa Cup Championship driving a Renault Alpine A110. Pierre is currently Leader of this championship where he competes on the most challenging car racing circuits of Europe: Nurburgring (GER), Silverstone (UK), Spa-Francorchamps (BEL)...

"Motor sport has always been my passion, a domain where precision, hard work and mastery are the hallmarks".

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Yema Official Partner

The Classic Racing School is a French school of classic car racing. It offers enthusiasts the opportunity to drive reissues of iconic racing cars of the 60's, like the Crosslé 90F single-seaters and the Protlé Crosslé 9S, with professional pilots as instructors.

Their legendary car racing track, the Charade mountain circuit near Clermont-Ferrand, was the perfect scenario to see the new Yema Rallygraf Heritage in action.

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First French watch in space

The collaboration between CNES (the French NASA) and Yema dates from 1982 to today,
In 1982 a French Spaceman, Jean-Loup Chrétien, flew from the Baikonour base for a 10-day trip into space. On his wrist, he wears the very first French watch in outer space, the Yema Spationaute 1. In 1985 the Discovery shuttle takes off with on board Patrick Baudry and his Yema Spationaute II for the first Franco-American orbital flight mission. In 1988, Jean-Loup Chrétien visits the Mir Orbital Station with his Yema Spationaute III.

In 2017, Yema and CNES are working together again to create a brand new model in honour of the 10th French Astronaut to go into space during the Proxima mission, the Yema Spacegraf.

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Yema Official Timekeeper 2018

The legendary Route du Rhum is a transatlantic single-handed yacht race which takes place every 4 years. It's one of the largest sailing events worldwide,

With a total distance of 3,542 miles, the Route du Rhum is a serious challenge for solo sailors, the winners go down in history crowned as the greatest sailors in history.

Yema, as Official Timekeeper of the 40th anniversary Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe 2018, introduces the official watch of the race, the Yema Yachtingraf Regatta,

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