In 2011, after years of R&D and over € 3 million invested, YEMA's first-generation self-winding mechanical in-house movement is released: the Caliber MBP1000
Designed, manually assembled and precisely controlled at our Morteau (France) workshops by our experienced French watchmakers, the Caliber MBP1000 has equipped over 250,000 YEMA watches.

Following recent developments around Swiss watch movements availability as well as the general enthusiasm for our first-generation in-house Caliber MBP1000, we have focused our efforts in innovation and R&D with as objective to secure our independence by developing a second-generation In-house Calibers which will be exclusive to the brand:

Our new in-house Caliber YEMA2000 is an evolution of the first-generation MBP1000. Several components have been improved in order to achieve fundamental gains in terms of precision and durability. Its design combines manufacturing simplicity and efficiency offering great precision and reliability at a competitive price-quality ratio.

The new GMT in-house Caliber YEMA3000 benefits from the improved YEMA2000 3-hands movement as a base with the addition of a GMT complication entirely developed by our watchmakers team. This new GMT caliber has same characteristics and performance as YEMA2000 in-house Caliber and will be soon used in all future YEMA GMT models.

YEMA's in-house calibers FAQ's

Specifications, performance and maintenance

Calibers FAQ's

In order to finance the investments made during the research and prototyping phase and put into mass production the new in-house calibers, YEMA aims to crowdfund once again via Kickstarter by offering its fans the opportunity to acquire the first models equipped with the new in-house caliber.

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Known for its excellent craftsmanship, the French art of watchmaking has a longstanding tradition of excellence. It goes back more than six hundred years but it is in the 18th century that it takes off in Franche-Comté, the French region in the Jura mountains just a few miles away from Switzerland.

Watchmaking was first and foremost a meticulous craft practiced in winter as a supplementary activity by farmers living in the Jura mountains. Today the watchmaking craftsmanship is preserved by historical Franche-Comté brands like YEMA and the recurrent exchanges between skilled watch experts across the border.

YEMA's workshops are based in the small town of Morteau (Franche-Comté), surrounded by extensive pine forests in a secluded valley in the Jura mountains. YEMA is run by a third generation watchmakers‘ family of Morteau with a small scale team averaging +30 years of service. Today, YEMA and other local watchmakers are the worthy heirs of a long watchmaking tradition that goes back centuries. 

All these historical and geographical elements have enabled the French Watchmaker YEMA to design its own In-house mechanical movement.

Jean-Paul Boillot

Master Watchmaker

With almost 40 years of service, Jean-Paul Boillot is YEMA's Watchmaking Master. Born into a watchmaking family for four generations, Jean-Paul has been immersed in the world of watchmaking since his earliest childhood. His parents owned a small watchmaking business in the family home, which allowed him to observe and practice the work and meticulous gestures that mechanical movement require.

“In my childhood, the Morteau valley was the cradle of French watchmaking. Each small village was crowded with family businesses dedicated to horology and watchmaking. YEMA was one of the most renowned local watch brands and the leading French watch exporter at that time. I always had in mind the idea of designing a quality French movement at an affordable price as we used to do in the past. So I was very honored to work on the development of YEMA's in-house Calibers by leading its design, prototyping and assembling.”

Jean-Paul Boillot 


The French and Swiss watchmaking regions feed into each other in a synergetic way in terms of expertise and talent. 15,000 people from Morteau’s region work daily for neighbouring Swiss manufacturers while another 3,000 are employed by private label French watchmakers based between Morteau and Besançon.

YEMA actively participates in this regional watchmaking ecosystem by partnering with Lycée Edgar Faure in Morteau, which currently has more than 1,200 students. For more than 30 years, YEMA trains a dozen of apprentice watchmakers yearly through well-structured internships led by our Master Watchmaker, Jean-Paul Boillot.

French schools play an important role in the regional watchmaking ecosystem: Most alumni of Lycée Edgar Faure de Morteau work for Swiss manufactures, while 80% of Swiss watchmaking Managers are trained by the School of microtechnical engineers in Besançon (ENSMM).

YEMA also works with Morteau’s town hall on projects aiming at further developing the watchmaking activity in the region, including a watchmaking start-ups incubator that is in the works. 

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Most prestigious watchmaking school in France

The Lycée Edgar Faure, in the small mountain town of Morteau, has one of the country’s most prestigious horology programs.

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Morteau, the watchmaking capital of France

The renowned Morteau watchmaking school generates a continuous supply of talent to French and Swiss watchmakers (English captions activated)

Morteau's watchmaking industry

Morteau's watchmaking industry dates back to the 1700s and represents the town's most important economic activity (English captions activated)

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